Colonial chess


It's curious how chess pieces are represented based on culture or tradition. In Baguio, I've seen chess pieces are in the shape of Igorot tribe warriors. I did a Google image search and found chess sets inspired by the American Civil War, the Scottish Wars, The Lord of the Rings (the kings are Gandalf and Sauron), African Massai warriors, the Super Bowl, ammunition (yes, … [Read more...]

Crocodile sungka boards


I don't play sungka. I never learned although it has always intrigued me as a child. When I got older, my interest was more on the solid wood board than the game itself. I so love solid wood objects. When I saw this crocodile sungka boards at Tiendesitas, I was drawn to them. But since neither I nor my daughters play the game, there really was no point in buying a sungka … [Read more...]

Cool rider with wings on his wheels. Literally.


Speedy ran some errands this morning and saw this biker with the most interesting motorcycle. The mud guards, for the rider and not for the wheels, are shaped like an eagle's wings. Why stop at wings? Put in the bird's head too. Cool.The photos were taken along Marcos Highway in Antipolo. … [Read more...]

Filipino shopping habits and the “tingi” culture


In Philippine markets, it is possible to buy cooking oil by the cup. In Philippine neighborhood sari-sari (literally, variety) stores, it is possible to buy cigarettes by the stick, shampoo and coffee by the sachet, garlic in packs containing as few as four cloves or peppercorns in packs equal to about a teaspoonful. We call it "tingi" -- the practice of selling and buying … [Read more...]

The honeybee wind vane in a honeybee farm


In photography, a moving object is best captured by actually showing motion. This honeybee wind vane at Ilog Maria honeybee farm, for instance. I had to wait until there was sufficient wind to make sure that the honeybee's wings were rotating fast. A really strong gust lasting at least half a minute would have yielded better results but the wind never cooperated. So, I had … [Read more...]

A story about Angels & Demons


Although I was born a Catholic, I don't consider myself one anymore. Ergo, I don't go to church. Last weekend, however, I did. I accompanied Sam who had to take photos for a class project. I carried the tripod for her -- my tripod because she left hers in the condo -- I set it up for her, I should have asked her to pay me just like any photographer pays an assistant but, … [Read more...]

The view from our garden: New Year’s Eve 2012


Up until two years, we had an unobstructed view of the sky from our garden and the New Year's Eve fireworks photos were just gorgeous. By last year, there were semi-constructed houses on the once empty lots and the view wasn't so great anymore so I took other-than-fireworks photos instead.This year, it's back to fireworks again. Sam and I just found spots without too … [Read more...]

Christmas tinseltown


As early as September, Christmas decorations start making their appearance in malls and markets. By November, they literally flood the cityscape. This photo was taken in front of the Antipolo public market. I think the pineapple paper lanterns are cute. Very tropical. Very Filipino. … [Read more...]

Wildflower at midnight


Sam is home. After midnight, she opened the front door to gaze at her cats all sprawled on the road and, when she came back into the house, she handed me a wildflower. She's been doing that since she was a little girl. … [Read more...]