The sun sets in Cadiz


During our seven-day stay in Negros Occidental, we spent most afternoons swimming. On one side of the pool at the hacienda in Cadiz was an unobstructed view of the horizon where the sun set. On those afternoons that we went swimming, at around 6.00 p.m., we'd be excitedly checking cloud formations and the chance of taking good photos of the sunset but there was only one … [Read more...]

Sunrise above the clouds


I've taken thousands of photos of the sunset but I have very few photos of the sunrise. I've never been a morning person so that shouldn't be too hard to understand. Besides, the colors of the sunset have always excited me more. Someone explained the difference to me once by pointing to an article in Wikipedia about how "sunset colors are typically more brilliant than … [Read more...]

“The stamen gets its lusty dust onto the stigma”


The line is from the song "Reproduction" from the film Grease 2. It was the first thing that came to mind while cropping and applying digital filters to this photo.The second thing that flashed through my head is the joke going around about how vegetarians inflict violence on plants. I don't want to sound like I'm laughing at vegetarians, I have a vegetarian daughter … [Read more...]

Genesis. Apocalypse.


I found this photo, taken on December 30, 2008, in my hard drive. And I've never used it because, well, what's so special about a bud? I've taken better photos of every bud in the garden. But, almost fours years after taking the photo, I now realize that there's more than a bud and a couple of leaves in that image. The bud is juxtaposed with a withering flower in the last … [Read more...]

The lonesome heron


Yes, it is a heron. Yes, it is an egret. Not all herons are egrets but all egrets are herons because the only real difference is the size and color -- egrets are white and smaller. Appearance aside, there seems to be no biological difference between herons and egrets. Of course, there are those that disagree. Not that it really matters because the photo is a depiction of … [Read more...]

Sometimes, photographing a static object isn’t that simple


I've passed the empty lot near our house many times. And, each time, I'd see different plants growing there. Flowers, vegetables, root crops, a couple of papaya trees and, most recently, pineapples. Not that they just sprouted there. No one has bought the lot yet and a neighbor has utilized it to grow food. Nice, eh?The times I saw flowers growing there, I never gave … [Read more...]

From under the tree


In photography, and in its most layman-understandable terms, contrast is the (1) difference between light and dark; (2) variation in texture or (3) variations in tones or colors. The difference between light and dark, or lighting contrast, determines the mood of a photo. A low contrast may make a photo look subdued; a high contrast may make an image appear more … [Read more...]

Palm trees from long ago


I was re-organizing the photo section (yes, I loved all the photo and travel posts from the main blog to this sub-blog with 301 re-directs) and when I found these photos about five folders deep in my external hard drive. I'm pretty sure they were taken on the same day, sometime in January 2008, just as I am sure that they were taken on the same day as the birds of paradise … [Read more...]

Ray of light


It has always intrigued me how Sam is able to capture smoke in photos. Not wispy smoke but smoke that almost looks opaque, like this one from her Tumblr account. When I saw sunlight steaming through the window of the powder room earlier today, I wondered how smoke interspersed with the sunlight would look in photos. The photos above, taken a few hours apart, are unaltered … [Read more...]