“The stamen gets its lusty dust onto the stigma”


The line is from the song “Reproduction” from the film Grease 2. It was the first thing that came to mind while cropping and applying digital filters to this photo.

The second thing that flashed through my head is the joke going around about how vegetarians inflict violence on plants. I don’t want to sound like I’m laughing at vegetarians, I have a vegetarian daughter and I respect her view about not wanting to hurt animals, but still, I wonder… Just because plants don’t exhibit sensory reaction to whatever kind of stimulus is applied on them, it doesn’t necessarily follow that they are incapable of sensation.

Which brings me to the issue of reproduction. Some flowers, like the one in the photo, contain both male and female reproductive organs (the stamens and pistil, respectively) and they produce asexually. And I wonder if, during pollination, they experience the equivalent of an orgasm. Just a thought, really. Just a thought.

Genesis. Apocalypse.


I found this photo, taken on December 30, 2008, in my hard drive. And I've never used it because, well, what's so special about a bud? I've taken better photos of every bud in the garden. But, almost fours years after taking the photo, I now realize that there's more than a bud and a couple of leaves in that image. The bud … »

The lonesome heron


Yes, it is a heron. Yes, it is an egret. Not all herons are egrets but all egrets are herons because the only real difference is the size and color -- egrets are white and smaller. Appearance aside, there seems to be no biological difference between herons and egrets. Of course, there are those that disagree. Not that it … »

Huge in many ways


Photo Friday's theme is Huge! It might sound like a no-brainer but there are many ways to interpret the word. Hugeness, after all, is both relative and subjective.A ten-story building would look huge to someone seeing a multi-story building for the first time but for those who grew up in the city in this generation, … »

Alex’s Bicol trip


There's nothing like going to an unfamiliar place and having a local take you around. We've been to Legazpi City and neighboring towns (see the posts from that trip) and never got to visit the places that Alex went to last week. We just spent so much time getting lost and getting pissed. Alex was luckier this time.Last … »

Speedy, the lake and the volcano


People always like to have their photos taken with an iconic landmark as a background. Personally, I find photos of a group all lined up and smiling stiffly into the camera too tiresome already. So, I thought I'd take photos of Speedy with Taal Volcano in the background differently.The first casts some sunlight on his … »

Sometimes, photographing a static object isn’t that simple


I've passed the empty lot near our house many times. And, each time, I'd see different plants growing there. Flowers, vegetables, root crops, a couple of papaya trees and, most recently, pineapples. Not that they just sprouted there. No one has bought the lot yet and a neighbor has utilized it to grow food. Nice, eh?The … »