At Palmas del Mar, a Mamma Mia! moment

On our third day in Bacolod, we were preparing to go out to lunch when Alex's phone rang. It was a classmate from college, Clair, born and raised in Bacolod. I know her, of ... »


The windmills of Guimaras

Travelling alone has its disadvantages: 1. You don't know who will be sitting with you on the plane; 2. You don't know how the person who will be sitting beside you ... »


Boracay’s white sand is contraband

There were persistent rumors in the past that very powerful individuals and business entities used to cart off sand from Boracay's beaches. One very powerful individual built ... »


Midday walk on the beach

Walking under the sun at noon is normally something everyone avoids. But on the beach, it isn't all that unpleasant especially when the destination is an Italian restaurant ... »


The sky, filtered

I was looking for a sky photo in my hard drive for this week's Photo Friday challenge and the most recent is a wide shot of the Victorias sugar refinery and thick white clouds ... »


The mangrove and the wharf in Cadiz

When my friends and I left for Negros Occidental two weeks ago, we had no idea what we were going to do there. We were four friends from the U.P. College of Law — Laly, ... »


The lonesome heron

Yes, it is a heron. Yes, it is an egret. Not all herons are egrets but all egrets are herons because the only real difference is the size and color — egrets are white ... »


Tilt-shift photography

I didn't know what tilt-shift meant until about a week ago. I asked Sam, she explained in a nutshell, I researched the rest and then I experimented. The easiest way to explain ... »