Coffee, cake and teak


No, there is no typo in the title. It is teak, as in teak wood. It's a story that starts with an art exhibit opening that Speedy and I went to. We had coffee afterwards to kill a little time to avoid the rush hour traffic and then we went to this teak store furniture.And how were the coffee and cake?Not bad. Not too good either. But, like I said, we were just … [Read more...]

Fried peanuts


As a street food, peanuts are sold boiled or fried. Fried peanuts can have skins off or on. Either way, they are almost always salted.Sometimes, they are even spiced with garlic or chilies, or both.Probably the most interesting part about peanuts sold as street food is that the nuts are never sold by weight. Rather, they are sold by volume. Most vendors use … [Read more...]

Selling coconut juice by the road


Ambulant vendors selling bottled drinks on city streets are common. In rural Philippines, makeshift roadside stalls selling local produce are more common. This buko (coconut) juice stall is a welcome site for any traveler.Sam took the photo through the car window somewhere in Bulacan years ago. … [Read more...]