The cows behind DTRI


Speedy, Sam and I went on an agri-tour in Laguna yesterday. Because we live so far away, we decided to leave the house early to avoid traffic and make sure that we would be at the meeting place on time. It turned out that we left the house too early because we reached the meeting place more than a hour ahead of the others. Since we had to wait for the rest of agri-tour … [Read more...]

Pet photography or pet portraiture?


Pets sometimes become so much a part of the family that they get included in family portraits. They even get solo photos! I was wondering what the correct term is for pet portrait photography is considering how it has become quite a specialized niche in professional photography. So, it is pet photography, pet portrait photography or pet portraiture?After Googling a … [Read more...]

The lonesome heron


Yes, it is a heron. Yes, it is an egret. Not all herons are egrets but all egrets are herons because the only real difference is the size and color -- egrets are white and smaller. Appearance aside, there seems to be no biological difference between herons and egrets. Of course, there are those that disagree. Not that it really matters because the photo is a depiction of … [Read more...]

Turkey facts I didn’t know until today


Of course, I knew that male turkeys are the colorful ones. The pretty plumage is what they use to attract the females. But what are male turkeys called? I didn't know. So, I Googled.Male turkeys are toms or gobblers. Female turkeys are hens (I thought that term only applied to chickens). Baby turkeys are poults. … [Read more...]

He who hides


When Sam playfully put her guinea pig inside the sleeve of her sweater, for a few seconds, the little thing had the front of his body inside the sleeve but with his hind legs dangling as he tried to wiggle all the way inside. I reached for my camera but he was quicker than I was. By the time I had adjusted the ISO setting and was focusing, he had gotten all the way inside … [Read more...]