University Avenue at sunset


Chasing the sunset on a Sunday Afternoon at U.P. Diliman, my alma mater.To be more precise, Sam was supposed to shoot the sunset. I was going to shoot street food. After all, U.P. Diliman is pretty well known for it's barbecur, fish balls and cold gulaman. As things turned out, we spent more time walking to find the perfect spot for taking sunset photos that we didn't … [Read more...]

Pigeons, courting


Across the street from Hotel Salcedo de Vigan is an abandoned house that looked as old as the hotel itself. I was looking out of the second floor window when I saw this pair of birds that appeared to be going through the courtship ritual. Maybe they have made their home too in that old abandoned house. … [Read more...]

House of Waffles, Baguio City


Last summer in Baguio City, after the aborted strawberry-picking adventure that ended in muddy shoes because of a sudden downpour, we were back at the Igorot Lodge before sundown. When the rain subsided to a drizzle, I went out for a walk. Camp John Hay is lovely at sunset. It was breathtaking to walk under those huge pine trees and the thin fog didn't bother me at all. My … [Read more...]

Big cats like to take baths


Taken in 2006 with my first DSLR, the Canon EOS 350D, this photo appeared on the front page of Manila Standard Today. I was an opinion columnist at the time and opinion columns don't have space for photos so I sent in the bathing tiger photo for consideration for the front page instead. … [Read more...]

Wishing I could make it rain with the flick of a switch


I envy him. On scorching summer days, he could enjoy the rain all day long with just the flick of a switch.Me? I keep wishing for the rain to come. It did. For about ten minutes. And only just enough to make the grass damp.The photo was taken at Balay Indang about two years ago. … [Read more...]

Modern beast of burden


I'm not really sure if a machine can be called a beast of burden but that's how tricycles are to me. They not only transport commuters, they are also cargo vehicles. In the photo above, taken somewhere in La Union on the way to Ilocos Sur, a tricycle carries a mattress and a closet -- in addition to human passengers -- passes under the shade of a huge tree. That's not even … [Read more...]