Callospa Resort

*Note: This entry was originally published in my old photo blog in May 15, 2005. I have updated the links but the text and photos are reproduced here as originally published.

I’m really not a spa person. My friends go all the time and I always say no, thanks, I’d rather surf and blog. The thought of trying to relax in a crowded spa just seems so ironic. So, I never went. Despite proddings and assurances that I’d find the experience great.

Then, earlier today, my kids wanted to go swimming. We hardly ever go swimming in public places these days. We prefer renting private resorts rented for the day where we can have privacy. The practice is to go with friends then split the bill with them. A favorite place is Cattleya Farm Resort. But since Cattleya is fully booked on weekends until the end of the month, we decided to inquire at the Callospa and Callos Farm Resort. A little farther than Cattleya which is about a minute away. Callospa is about 5 minutes away.

So, my husband and I went. Unfortunately, the resort itself — pool and cottages — were rented for the day. However, the offices were open. To cut a long story short, the owner, Mrs. Evangeline Mariñas Garcia, gave us all the info we needed. The most imporant of which is that if we go to the spa in a group of ten, we can have the place all to ourselves. The rest of the resort — pool, badminton courts and huts are rented separately. She also offered to take us on a tour of the entire place. Not only that. She very graciously allowed me to take photos for publication in this photo blog. Callospa jacuzzi room

The tour began with the spa facilities in the main building. I wasn’t quite prepared for the visual experience of the spa. Truth is, even before the tour was halfway through, I was already telling my husband that I would call up our friends within the week and schedule a trip to Callospa. The photo above shows the jacuzzi in the main building. There is a window overlooking a huge mango tree. Mrs. Garcia said it’s more dramatic at night because the tree is lighted and it gives off a glow. Callospa - orchids on the window

Above, orchids on the window beside the jacuzzi. Below, steam from the scented water wafting through the rooms. Callospa - steam from scented water

From the main building, we crossed the pool area to another building. Well, actually, building would be misleading. They were more like cottages in the midst of a rainforest. Callospa - cottage

Below, the stone steps leading to the cottage. The pathway is sprayed with fine mist coming from either side to keep the area cool. That’s my husband and Mrs. Garcia in the photo. Callospa owner, Mrs. Evangeline Mañas Garcia Callospa - jacuzzis with rose petals and lemon slices

Above and below, two jacuzzis–one with rose petals; the other, with lemon slices and lemongrass. Below, one of the massage rooms on the second storey of the cottage. Callospa - jacuzzis Callospa - massage rooms

While taking photos, I kept exclaiming over the way the interiors were done. I mean, the lighting in the massage room, for instance, was really great. What do you know… the owner just happens to be an interior designer by profession. Figures, huh? Callospa - duck feeding on the grounds

It wasn’t just the amenities that attracted me to the place. It was the overall ambience. It was a nature trip. Normally, one would have to travel all the way to Tagaytay City to go to a place like this. Then, it turns out that there is something even better a mere five minutes away from our house. Callospa - badminton courts

Darn, there’s so much more to say about Callospa. Renting the resort for the day means a pool, picnic huts, two badminton courts (above) that can double as a reception hall for parties. On one side of the hall is a dais (below) that opens to a veranda (below the photo of the dais). Callospa - facilities for weddings and parties veranda Callospa - rooms for overnight stay

The suites and rooms for overnight stay are filled with paintings of foliage and flowers (above). According to Mrs. Garcia, painters would go to Callospa to paint the view then leave some paintings as gifts to her (below). Callospa -paintings

It was marvellous. I know that there would be interested parties asking for info and directions. Callospa and Callos Farm Resort has a website.