C-6 Road and a story about street lights, floods and parked cars

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We sometimes take the C-6 route when we go to Manila to see the girls. Traffic along C-6 is light to non-existent although before reaching and after exiting C-6, traffic can be insane. But C-6 is picturesque for the most part with unobstructed views of Laguna de Bay on one side. The photo above shows a portion of C-6 road. If you drive through its entire length, you’ll be able to tell whether you’re on the Taguig side or the Taytay side by the presence of street lights. There are no street lights on the Taytay side. So, be wary about taking C-6 late at night.

So, why am I writing about a road? Because although we’ve driven through C-6 so many times, yesterday was the first time that the area near the gate to Bay Breeze Subdivision was not jampacked with parked cars. See, for a couple of years, Bay Breeze, a middle class residential village, was deep in water. The residents couldn’t drive their cars through the gate so they parked along C-6. And, at the subdivision gate, instead of the usual queue of tricycles waiting to ferry passengers, there were boats. I am not kidding. You can check out the video and read a news article, published in August and September of last year, respectively.

So, it was a first for us. No parked cars near the Bay Breeze gate. It was mid-morning and hot but it was traffic-free so why should I complain? I took out my G-10, opened the window occasionally and took photos.

casaveneracion.com C-6 Road: From Taytay to Taguig

Blue skies all the way. Sometimes, with wisps of clouds…

casaveneracion.com C-6 Road: From Taytay to Taguig

Other times, just a huge expanse of bright blue.

If you’ve ever wondered what “C-6” means, “C” means circumferential and “6” means it is the sixth circumferential road in Metro Manila. If you prefer an illustration, click here to see how the five circumferential roads, from C-1 to C-5, are laid out. What the illustration does not include is C-6 which stretches from Taytay to Taguig. It’s amusing how most articles on C-6 that you’ll find on the web refer to it as a “future” project. C-6 has been operational for over a year.


  1. Malou says

    Once ko pa lang nasubukan dumaan dyan sa C6. Sa sobrang walang traffic 2 hrs early kami dumating sa kasalan na pupuntahan namin.