Boso-boso Church Bosoboso church

Bosoboso Church in Antipolo, Rizal. marker of the Bosoboso Church that tells its history

The marker of the Bosoboso Church that tells its history:

First erected as a mission church of the Jesuits in the year 1700 and placed under the patronage of the Nuestra Señora de la Anunciata, its administration was transferred to the secular priests in 1768. Damaged by earthquake in June 18, 1880. Vacated in 1930 to give way to the proposed construction of a dam. The people returned to Boso-boso when the dam was not constructed. The church was destroyed by fire in 1943 and was restored in 1995 through the generosity of parishioners. tree growing on the cracks of the wall of the old church

I remember a science lesson in the third grade when our teacher told us that with old buildings, it is not uncommon for seeds of plants to be carried by the wind, rains or birds and left in cracks in old walls. I suppose that a 300-year-old church is old enough to have trees growing off its walls.


  1. vickyg says

    Hi i am sooo interested to see this church and a friend of mine saw some pictures too…she’d be getting married next year and is considering this church as one of her option…would you personally recommend this church for a wedding? If you happen to have any contact number of this church kindly email it to me, i’d appreciate it very much. Thanks. Hope to hear form you.

    • Rev. Fr. Domingo S. Barawid, MI says


      I am the parish priest of that old church in Boso-boso. We are really popularizing it for those who would like to get married and as a pilgrimage site also. The ambiance of an old church remains. It has a spacious parking space. It is located in a sitio and so it is not a busy spot. It is very accessible. We do not have a particular space for the reception but the patio can be utilized for reception designed in a fiesta sa nayon ambiance. You can come and visit. I am free on Mondays and Tuesdays.
      you can call me through this number: 09289821703, or communicate through the e-mail.

      It is not difficult to come here. You just take Aurora, cubao road and that whole stretch going to our place is Marcos Highway. It is straight drive. You don’t turn until you reach the street going to the church. It is about one hour and 30 minute drive from cubao if the traffic is not that heavy.

      • Shiela says

        Hi Fr. Domingo,

        I am getting married next year. We want it to be Feb 2 2010. I love the church and I wanted a quiet place for my wedding ceremony. I think this is just so perfect. My concern is, My reception will be in MMLDC. How many minutes/hour drive is the church from MMLDC? I don’t want my guest driving too far from one location to another. And my fiance is in Canada, is it okay if we attend seminars just 2 weeks before our wedding date?


  2. says

    Oh, how nice, Fr. Domingo. Like an Intramuros (or San Sebastian) of Antipolo! Nice, nice. Boso-boso church would be a great backdrop for wedding pics. I hope the chandelier has been fixed though.

    • LHYN says

      hi connie.. do you have any contact # of Boso-boso church?
      im really interested in that church.. thank you so much! =)

      • carlito Armas says

        hi good evening fr. Domingo, i am carlito armas student of URS-Antipolo and we are conducting a study about the present status of the bosoboso church….bosoboso church is one of the historical churches here in antipolo..that’s why our group decided to choose it to be our subject on our thesis…our group are looking forward to set an appointment to you for us to conduct some interview..tnx father…GOD BLESS…. c: pls.feel contact us for the confirmation (09173862964) tnx again….Fr.Domingo…c:

  3. LHYN says

    u cud reach me thru my email (hot, or my mobile no. 09282788804.. thank you so much! God Bless!

  4. Maricor Roa says

    please send me the details im getting married this coming 10-10-10 I really fell in love with this place the first time I saw this! thanks

  5. Jill says

    Hi Fr. Domingo,

    What are the requirements in getting married in Boso-Boso church? Do you allow Catholic & Christian to be wed there?

    Please email if the place is still open.