Batangas beef, coffee and dessert in Tagaytay

Spent the weekend in Tagaytay but we had to forego our Bag of Beans addiction this time. Long story. At any rate, we did discover Java Jazz Cafe (read the related story) on Saturday evening and that made missing Bag of Beans bearable. We drove to Alfonso, Cavite for a lunchtime christening party on Sunday (that was the primary reason for the trip) and were back in Tagaytay just in time for afternoon coffee. Parking at Bag of Beans was full so we decided to go straight to Mahogany Market, buy Batangas beef and head home earlier than we planned.

Mahogany Market was teeming with shoppers. The meat stalls, the fruit stalls… people were everywhere. People, I suppose, just like us — in Tagaytay for the weekend and making the most out of cheaper beef prices. Mahogany Market in Tagaytay

There were fruits galore. It was my husband, Speedy, who checked out the fruit prices, decided they were the same as Metro Manila prices and didn’t bother buying anything. Mangoes, he said, were selling for P50 a kilo. In Antipolo where we live, the price is P40 a kilo. Not surprising, really. Most mangoes in the markets come from Central Luzon (Pangasinan and Zambales, especially) and the cost of transporting them to Tagaytay is higher. I did buy beef though because the prices were cheaper by 30 per cent. We brought a cooler (we always do when we go to Tagaytay) and we would just get a bag of ice before leaving Tagaytay. Batangas beef, Mahogany Market, Tagaytay

There were some other things that I bought at the Mahogany Market though. Grafted fruit trees and you can read about that part of the story in my other blog, House On A Hill.

Ten minutes after leaving the town proper, the craving for coffee was getting stronger. We drove to Tagaytay via Sta. Rosa, Laguna but decided to take the Silang route on our way back. Perfect decision, it turned out, because Gourmet’s Cafe was along the way. Nice place to get a caffeine fix. The girls would love the desserts there too.

So we stopped at Gourmet’s Cafe. Speedy ordered banana split (below), Sam had white chocolate cheesecake… Gourmet's Cafe: Banana split Gourmet's Cafe: Blueberry cheesecake

Alex ordered blueberry cheesecake and mango shake (above) and I had mango crepes with chocolate. All the desserts were good (have I mentioned that in my family we sample what the others ordered?). And so was my cappuccino.

What we missed was the trip to Gourmet’s Farm. Gourmet’s Cafe is a unique establishment as the menu consists of produce from its own farm. It was after 3.00 p.m. by the time we finished our desserts and coffee and guests were only allowed in the farm until 3.00 p.m. Next time.


  1. cindy says

    Hi Ms. Connie,

    Is mahogany market the same as Mendez? Could you tell me where it is and how to get there? Thanks a lot!

  2. says

    Ms. Connie, my sister raved about Java Jass Cafe to me last year (she and her husband loved it so much that they had their son christened in tagaytay and held the reception in Java Jazz Cafe). Now, hubby and I regularly go there too.

  3. Queen B says

    Ooooh! I miss the Mahogany Market. I love buying beef there, specially when they cut it from the leg that is still moving or jerking. No question that it is still fresh! and don’t forget the bulalo! with libreng taba! :D

    • emy M says

      I love going to “palengkes” and Mahogany is one of
      them. Yes,the beef are the best.One can also buy
      daing or smoked tawilis,special vinegar for atsara,
      “unsoy”–family of cilantro and hard-to-find
      dried kamias.
      This reminds me of my summer vacations spent as a child in Mendez where my parents are from.

      • says

        Hi Connie,

        I’m a frequent visitor of your blog. I’m fond of reading food blogs and I sometimes try some of the recipes, those easy to make only.

        I have linked your blog long time ago. Feel free to visit me at

        Thanks and happy blogging!

  4. says

    Soloops, yep, Java Jazz is a dream. :)

    Queen B, the first time my daughter Sam saw the pulsating beef meat (she was very young at the time), she wouldn’t eat beef for months afterward. LOL

    Emy, there’s always a right time for a vacation in the Philippines. :)

  5. cocoy says

    P40/kilo here in antipolo??!!! sa bayan? the sweetest i tried were from the guy selling near dunkin donuts across the church.