Manila Hotel, patrimony and heritage

The night we had dinner and drinks at The Oarhouse was something that was carefully planned. Alex had a show at Manila Hotel, Speedy was going to pick her up and, as is ... »


At Palmas del Mar, a Mamma Mia! moment

On our third day in Bacolod, we were preparing to go out to lunch when Alex's phone rang. It was a classmate from college, Clair, born and raised in Bacolod. I know her, of ... »


The windmills of Guimaras

Travelling alone has its disadvantages: 1. You don't know who will be sitting with you on the plane; 2. You don't know how the person who will be sitting beside you ... »


In Marikina, the 2015 Gay Santacruzan

Despite opposition from the Catholic bishops, Marikina's Gay Santacruzan pushed through last night as scheduled. We went, quite unexpectedly, as we didn't know the exact ... »


Enchanted Kingdom: never again

Sam had been wanting to go back to Enchanted Kingdom for a long time. I wasn't too hot about the idea considering what happened the last time we were there years ago — ... »


Halloween moon

Sam took this photo. Only she can get the edges of the moon look so sharp and finely etched. She's beefing up her portfolio and she was waiting for her subjects (cupcakes) to ... »