Along the National Highway

The following photos were taken through the car’s windshield along the National Highway, Calamba, Laguna, on November 27, 2005. inflatable swimming pool toys

The town of Calamba in Laguna is probably best known as the birthplace of Jose Rizal. Today, it is a popular resort town. Numerous shops along the National Highway—many mere extensions of houses—sell inflatable swimming pool toys and other swimming accessories. The woman on the forefront is selling live birds for cooking. private pools can be rented for the day or for overnight stay

Private pools can be rented for the day or for overnight stay. Middlemen, such as the one in the photo, wave “Private Pools” signs to motorists. If you’re interested, you stop, make inquiries and if you want to view the private pool, the man gets into your car and takes you there. middlemen advertise private pools that can be rented by the day

Competition among these middlemen is stiff. Two or more of them may be advertising the same private pool.

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    hmmp’ OMG!! i Du really wanna GO visit back hOme.. hope it is still like dat by the tym am gOing.. am LoooOOking forward for more resOrts over der..

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