The direction of sunlight is not something that a photographer can control. At noon when the sun is directly overhead is not the best lighting for photography, and there is only so much that one can do with the aperture, shutter speed and white balance settings. And if the subject is something that is only visible for a few seconds, who has the time to fiddle with the camera’s settings?

So, there’s such a thing as post-processing. Before there were cam phones and matching apps, that usually meant Adobe Photoshop. These days when most people take photos on the go with their phones rather than with bulky dSLRs, apps are everywhere and some of the good ones are free. [Read More...]


A good photo is like a magnet; it pulls you closer

What is a good photo?When I was in high school, Panorama, the Sunday magazine of The Manila Bulletin came out with an issue with Imee Marcos on the cover. She was leaning on a tree, lips barely apart, unsmiling with a far-off expression on her face, looking not at the … »»


The sky, filtered

I was looking for a sky photo in my hard drive for this week's Photo Friday challenge and the most recent is a wide shot of the Victorias sugar refinery and thick white clouds in the sky. The original and unfiltered photo would have sufficed but I wasn't sure if, to the … »»