Manila Hotel, patrimony and heritage

The night we had dinner and drinks at The Oarhouse was something that was carefully planned. Alex had a show at Manila Hotel, Speedy was going to pick her up and, as is usually the case, the time it takes to dismantle the set (the "egress" in theater speak) could take anywhere from two to four hours. Since Alex wanted us to ... »


Legends about how the Chocolate Hills were formed

This isn't my travel experience. This is about Alex's travel in the Visayas. She's on a nation-wide tour — work — to bring a play to various cities in the country. By this time, she has travelled to more places in the Philippines than I have. It's such a great experience for her. And whenever she goes to a place ... »


Did you know that Bacolod used to be San Sebastián de Magsungay?

A reader asked me if, being an atheist, I don't pay particular attention to churches when travelling. Sure, I do. I have a deep curiosity about churches — not for their religious symbolism but for their historical and cultural significance. Design and architecture are of special interest to me too. And if I have to ... »


At Palmas del Mar, a Mamma Mia! moment

On our third day in Bacolod, we were preparing to go out to lunch when Alex's phone rang. It was a classmate from college, Clair, born and raised in Bacolod. I know her, of course, because their class spent many nights (weekends, in some cases) at our house when they were preparing for their thesis. Clair lives in Bacolod ... »