Enchanted Kingdom: never again


Sam had been wanting to go back to Enchanted Kingdom for a long time. I wasn't too hot about the idea considering what happened the last time we were there years ago -- children and adults jumping the lines with the park attendants ignoring them for the most part. It was a far cry from the crowd and the orderliness that we experienced the first time we were there just a … [Read more...]

Fireworks on New Year’s Eve: the view from the balcony


Every year on New Year's eve, I wish for rain so that people won't be able to light firecrackers. I love fireworks but not firecrackers. I got my wish last New Year's eve. It rained and the lawn was drenched. That was after Speedy had it trimmed and after he arranged the table and chairs under the mango tree and asked me for a tablecloth. Ever since we moved to this house, … [Read more...]

Halloween moon


Sam took this photo. Only she can get the edges of the moon look so sharp and finely etched. She's beefing up her portfolio and she was waiting for her subjects (cupcakes) to cool so she could frost and shoot them when she opened the front door and saw the moon. Strictly speaking, it's pre-Halloween moon as this photo was taken on October 27. As the days get shorter and … [Read more...]

We missed the blood moon tonight, but…


With so many people talking about the blood moon that would be highly visible from our part of the globe, I couldn't help but get excited about the opportunity to shoot something so rare. But there was a typhoon and although it did not hit the country directly, the skies were cloudy and visibility was hampered. By the time we saw the moon, it was a tiny sliver and the red … [Read more...]

Boracay’s white sand is contraband


There were persistent rumors in the past that very powerful individuals and business entities used to cart off sand from Boracay's beaches. One very powerful individual built a house that media dubbed "Boracay Mansion" because part of the grounds was adorned with white sand flown in from Boracay. But it wasn't just the high and mighty who had been denuding Boracay of … [Read more...]

At Estacio Uno: a room with a view


Can waking up get any better with a view like that? The sliding door opens to a small balcony with a table and chairs. I spent at least three times a day in that balcony sipping coffee or tea and just watching the sea. Upon waking up, I'd take my first cup of coffee for the day there. After lunch when it's too hot to go gallivanting about, I'd sit there for a while … [Read more...]

Between Manila and Boracay, an island shaped like an octopus


I've lived all my life in this country of 7,102 islands and I don't think I'll know every island's name before I die. Between Manila and Boracay is an island that, from the air, looked like an octopus. To me, at least. Or, perhaps, its shape is closer to a jellyfish when lying flat on the sand. A friend checked Google maps while we were passing over the island to try … [Read more...]